Teen First Kiss: Tips for First Kiss

A first kiss normally occurs in the adolescent phase of every person’s life. It is a moment that every teenager anticipates and dreams of. A first kiss is a rite of passage and an extremely special event that you hold close to your heart even and carry with you throughout your adult life. A first kiss is something that everyone experiences at one stage or another in their lives. Kissing is an act of showing love and affection for a special person. . A first kiss is an extremely important event and one that adolescents find extremely exciting to discuss with their friends. . Bear in mind that your first kiss is an experience that will be unique to you and, with the right person, a very moving experience. Worrying about the details and when and where it might occur will only take away from the intimacy of the experience and distract you from what is happening now.  Your first kiss will incite feelings of butterflies and fireworks in mind. How does one prepare for that magical moment? Below are some tips that should ease that first awkward yet magical moment.

Tips for First Kiss:

    • Keep it Quiet:

Where should your nose go and what should your lips do? Your first kiss will be a mind blowing experience but do you really want to share it with the whole world? Your first kiss should be a tender, intimate moment and one to treasure for the rest of your life; reserve this moment for a quiet place where all that matters is you and your partner.

    • Keep it Short and Sweet:

A first kiss should always make you feel like a preview of more kisses to come. Life is never like how they make it out to be in the movies; so while your kisses should convey the depth of the emotion you are feeling don’t suffocate your partner. Long kisses are wonderful, but remember to pull back and take a breath. This will be the first of many wonderful kisses. Just enjoy the moment.

    • Keep it Comfortable:

Teenagers always have an impression that a first kiss is always followed by a very long period of staring into each other’s eyes and a monumental announcement of love. Bear in mind this is real life and not a movie, you don’t need to make grand gestures; just being comfortable with your partner is enough to make the moment special.

    • Keep It Clean:

Face it, no one wants to kiss someone who smells as if though they had not brushed their teeth in ages. Oral hygiene not only gives you confidence in general life situations, but in an intimate situation can leave you feeling more relaxed and therefore more comfortable with yourself. Make it a habit of having clean teeth, lips and breath for. Brush your teeth and chew on a mint or gum before going on a date. Dry lips are quite unappealing, try using a lip balm to keep lips kissable. By doing this you can concentrate on making your kiss memorable rather than worrying about how it would feel to kiss you.

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