Teen Nails: Ideas for Simple Nail Art Designs

Teen nails say a lot about their personal grooming and hygiene. Teenagers should take proper care of the nails in order to prevent painful problems. Condition, colorization and appearance of the nails can indicate the underlying health conditions of a teenager. There are simple and easy ideas for nail art and designs and it only needs a little creativity to decorate your nails beautifully. All you need is the right nail color set and right nail accessories to try out the nail art designs.

Ideas for Simple Nail Art Designs

French Style Nail Art:

French Nail Art gives you an elegant, stylish, simple and classy look to your hands. You need to start the process by applying a neutral colored base coat all over. Then apply a white nail polish on the top, over tips of the nails using outward strokes. ‘Outward strokes’ means the application of the nail polish from the tip guide to the end of the nail. To get the classy French nails, seal the whole nail with an opaque upper coat.

Natural Inspired Nail Art Designs:

This nail art consists of art depicting nature. Start this art by applying a white nail polish on the entire nail and now use a yellow nail polish to paint the tip of the nails. Once it gets dried, use a green nail polish and with the help of a thin brush make two leaves in the lower part of the nail and a stem rising from them, connecting the yellow. This nail art is easy and can be worn to office or college and looks great in summers.

Geometrical Nail Art Design:

This kind of nail art gives your nails a  more artistic and modern look from regular designs. You can experiment with geometric figures for this kind of nail art. Paint the entire nail with a pink nail polish. With the help of a thin brush apply purple color nail polish in different geometrical shapes like square, triangle and circle on the nail. To get the highlighted look apply glitter to the line of these geometrical figures.

Cute Nail Art:

This nail art gives a cute look to your hands. For this look, paint the entire nail with a blue color nail polish. Now use a white color nail polish to paint a small flower on the tip of the nails. Place a silver rhinestone on middle of every flower to give the design a cute look and this works for both hand and toe nails.

Dramatic Nail Art Design:

This suits teenage girls who like to be different and want to try out different styles. For this, paint the entire nail with a black nail polish, using a contrasting color polish like orange or yellow make an eye in the middle of the nail. Line the eye with the help of a silver polish in order to highlight it. This look will display the rebellious look of teenagers and can be worn for Halloween parties.

These nail art designs can be easily implemented and applied at home and any teenager can try this out to look cool and different.

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