Teen Tattoos: Procedure, How to take Care and Risks

Teen tattoos have become one of the fashion statements for teenagers and nowadays, with many teens wanting to have them on some part of their body. Getting tattoos done without the permission of parents can lead to unhappiness at home. Teens are not good at setting their priorities and they tend to make mistakes while selecting the right kind of tattoo. Some of the tattoos sported by teens are the images of rock stars, sports stars and tattoos related to movies. Tattoos have become the latest form of self-expression among teenagers.

Procedure for Tattoos:

  • A tattoo artist washes his/her hands clean with a germicidal soap and the area to be tattooed on the body is cleaned and disinfected.
  • The sterilization process is explained to the teen and one should ensure that the equipment is sterilized.
  • Tattoo artist starts the procedure of tattooing by wearing clean, neat gloves and a surgical mask.
  • Tattoo artist draws the outline of the design under the skin, using a tattoo machine with the help of sterilized single-use needles attached to it. He/she cleans the outline with the help of water and antiseptic soap.
  • He/she uses sterilized thick needles to shade the design and after cleaning again the color is injected into the skin.
  • Blood on the tattoo is cleaned, removed with the help of a sterilized towel or disposable cloth.
  • The tattooed area is cleaned again and a bandage is applied to it.

How to take Good Care of Tattoo:

  • Teens should make sure that they keep the bandage on the area up to 24 hours and should avoid touching and picking of scabs that form on the area.
  • Avoid the usage of alcohol or peroxide on the tattooed area as it will dry out tattoo. Use an antibacterial soap to wash the tattoo.
  • Avoid usage of petroleum jelly on the area as it may fade away the tattoo, instead use an antibiotic ointment or hemorrhoid cream!
  • Use an ice pack on the area if there is any swelling or redness. Try and avoid wetting the tattoo till it gets completely healed.
  • Stay away from long hot tubs or pools and make sure not to expose the tattoo to sunlight.

Risks Associated with Tattoos:

  • According to a survey, almost 10% of the teens from high school and college have tattoos.
  • Risks involved in body tattooing are infections, complications and localized skin reactions.
  • There are risks of blood borne diseases. According to a study on college students, about 29% of them suffer from local skin reactions and some cases of hepatitis were reported.
  • Medical complications like bacterial infections, bleeding and trauma may occur and are the most common risk associated with tattoos.
  • Hepatitis B , C and HIV can be transmitted during tattooing due to the usage of unsterilized equipments.
  • Some teens may get allergic reactions due to the ink used while tattooing.

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