Teenage Smoking Facts

Most of the people who smoke are teenagers and about 80% of the smokers start smoking before they turn 18. Parents greatly influence their teenagers’ lifestyle and they should make it a point to discuss the dangers of teen smoking. The ingredients present in the cigarette when burned create harmful and toxic chemical compounds. Cigarettes contains over 4000 chemicals and more than 40 of them are known as Carcinogens.

Facts About Teenage Smoking

  • Each day more than 3000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette and more than 3 million are teen smokers
  • About 20% of the teens in America smoke despite knowing that it is addictive and leads to serious health problems.
  • Tobacco leads to premature death and about 20,000 people die before age of 70. About 1000 teenagers die due to smoking everyday.
  • Teenage girls who take birth control pills and smoke have greater chances of strokes and blood clot problems.
  • Teens who smoke regularly fall sick more often than the teens who do not smoke. Along with smoking, there are temptations for teens to try out alcohol and drugs.
  • Teens who smoke are likely to abuse alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.
  • They can suffer over time from a genetic change in lungs leading to lung diseases and reduction in the lungs growth. Most of them suffer from lung cancer.
  • Teens find it very difficult to quit the habit of smoking as it becomes a serious addiction and they suffer from severe coughing, phlegm production, wheezing, shortness of breath and decreased physical fitness.
  • The number of teenage girls who smoke is much higher when compared to boys.
  • A chemical known as Tar present in cigarettes causes teeth to turn yellow in color.
  • Hydrogen Cyanide is another chemical used in cigarettes which is a genocidal agent and is usually used to kill rats. Teenagers inhale this every time they take a puff.
  • Benzene is used in manufacturing gasoline, Acetone is used in nail polish removers and both the chemicals are present in cigarettes.
  • Formaldehyde is a chemical which is present in cigarettes and is used in order to preserve dead bodies. This is also used as an industrial fungicide, is present in adhesives, glue and is a disinfectant.
  • Ammonia is used to clean houses, Carbon monoxide is present in car exhaust add both the chemicals are present in cigarettes.
  • Nicotine is the main drug which is responsible for an addiction that causes teens to spend years trying to break the habit of smoking.

2 responses to Teenage Smoking Facts

  1. Teens also say that boredom is a reason for taking up smoking.

    Parental influence is significant and teens are more likely to take up smoking if their parents smoke and if smoking is normalized in their social circles.

  2. teens mostly start smokeing becuse of peer preasure and they think it makes them look cool

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