Out Door Games for Teenagers

Teenagers love to get together with friends and play outdoor games on a warm day. There are many out door games for teenagers like basketball, baseball, softball and soccer that can be played on any summer day. Games like kick ball and dodge ball are also popular among the games played by teenagers. Teenagers find it exciting to play outdoor games with their buddies on a holiday. A friendly competition among teens pushes them to achieve things in life and a healthy activity always leads to healthy minds and bodies.

Popular Out Door Games for Teenagers

  • Capture the Flag:

    This game is popular with large groups of teens who hang out together. This game is a fast paced and a crazy game. The players are divided into two large groups and it is played in a field which does not have bumps or holes it the ground. This game should not be played at nights because teens may get hurt due to the obstructions. Find a suitable flag for each team and the aim of the game is to capture the flag of the other group. This is done by players crossing into each others territory and during this you can get captured and put in an imaginary jail. This involves a lot of group social situations and teens can have a lot of fun.

  • Football, Soccer, Baseball and Frisbee:

    Teens can play these games with their friends and can have friendly matches. They can divide themselves into teams and can have friendly matches of the various games together. This can be done by allocating a set time for each game. Teens can gain experience in these games and this also builds team spirit.

  • Giggle Giggle:

    This game is fun to play with a group of friends. The first person lies down on the floor and then the other person lies down placing their head on the stomach of the first player and this continues. The game actually begins when the first persons says “giggle “ and the second person says “giggle giggle” and this goes on till everyone laughs hysterically.

  • Human Knot:

    This game is played by creating a huge “human knot” by forming a tight circle by all the players. This is quite confusing but fun when played perfectly. Every player should reach his/her right hand and then the left hand in order to grab someone else’s hand. This forms a huge knot as everyone continues to do this.

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