Teenage Party Games: Fun Party Game Ideas

Teenagers are very enthusiastic about parties and they show a lot of interest in party games. There is a lot of demand for teenage party games whenever someone organizes a party. They should keep a few basic tips in mind while organizing a party all by themselves or they can get help from adults. Teenagers should come up with a variety of ideas to entertain the guests and encourage everybody to participate. Here are a few party games that will ensure teenagers have a nice fun time with their friends and to assist them celebrate the event completely.

Party game ideas for teenagers

Balloon War:

This game has always been a favorite among teenagers. The nature of the game is to steal the balloons from the dance floor and for this the guests are divided into teams. This game involves lots of grabbing and excitement and will work as a great energy booster.

Man Hunt and Wooden Spoon:

This is a revised version of an old game called ‘hide and seek’ which is played in a set area. This game involves discovering the hiding place of a member of other team. A wooden spoon can add fun to the party and this game involves the identification of a person from another team with the help of a wooden spoon.

Truth or Dare and Shocking Questions:

This game can be a hilarious and fun party game for teenagers. The guests are divided into two teams. A team member of one team asks the team member of another team a list of questions. The answers for those questions are already completed with a different set of answers. The person from the other team has to come up with hilarious answers or else he has to choose to dare.


This is another fun filled and hilarious game and can be included in all teenage parties. Teens have to come up with acronyms in order to create definitions for randomly selected words. For example: LOVE- Look Observe Verify Enjoy! You can make the game more interesting by acting it out to the members of another team.

All on One Side:

This game is a most funny game that can be included in teenage parties. For this game a balloon is volleyed between 2 sides – a situation is created by the host for the participants and each of them are provided with a balloon along with music, dance or situation like bumping into another person. Players should not allow the balloon to touch the ground by any means and this game involves lots of fun.

Marshmallow Bob:

This game can be a little messy but when organized well it can definitely be a fun activity. All you need to do for this game is to divide the people into teams, pre-set the marshmallows in a bowl full of flour and ask each participant to hunt for as many as possible with their mouth.

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