Natural Beauty Tips for Teens

Chemical beauty treatments or commercial products may be harmful and irritating for teenagers skin. Moreover, these products are often very expensive and can increase the financial burden. So, instead of using all these commercial problems, it is advisable for teenagers to follow the natural beauty tips. Thankfully, there are plenty of natural products and cheap natural beauty tips, which teenagers can follow safely. Here are a few natural beauty tips for teenagers.

Use Cucumbers for Eye Puffiness or Dark Circles:

Teenager is the time when teens undergo lots of stress and tension because of exams or other schoolworks and involve many extra activities like sports and dancing class. Lack of sleep and stress can cause eye puffiness or dark circles. So, keeping raw, cold, sliced cucumbers over your eyes can minimize swelling, puffiness or dark eye circles. The cooling effect of the placing sliced cucumbers can soothe your eyes and make you look more fresh when you are tired.

Use Lemon Juice For Bleaching:

Teenagers usually love experimenting with their appearances, that include bleaching or coloring their hair. So, you can get a fairer look by bleaching or lightening your hair with lemon juice, instead of using harsh chemical products for bleaching your skin hair. Lemon can be also used as a hair dye, for highlighting your hair. Lemon juice can highlights your hair naturally and cause no side effect. Apply lemon juice on your hair thoroughly where you want to highlight, before you step out into the sun. And, once it is dried you can wash off with warm water.

Apply Olive Oil to Restore Damage Hair:

Damaged hair in teenagers can result from straightening, perming and dyeing their hair too often, since they enjoy experimenting with their looks. So, one can use olive oil to restore shine and softness to damaged hair. Apply olive oil thoroughly on your hair and wrap your hair properly with a towel or cloth to avoid getting olive oil stains and spots on your clothes. After an hour, you can wash it off with an organic natural shampoo. You can also use olive oil in face masks, it is good for your skin, especially for dry skin.

Honey, Peppermint and Oatmeal For Pimples:

Teenagers can also use oatmeal, honey and peppermint for acne treatment, which is one of the most common complaints of teenagers. Honey can be used as an effective treatment for acne because of its antibacterial properties. And, peppermint is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, while cooked oatmeal can absorbs the excessive oils from your face when used as a face mask. Since, inflammation and redness, excessive oil and bacteria all contribute to cause acne, using these natural remedies on a pimple can reduce or heal the pimples.

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