Dental Health Tips for Teenagers

Teenagers have enough problems and issues to worry and dental problems can be one of the main concerns for many teenagers. Food intake and many other activities like drinking and smoking leads to yellowish teeth because of the enamel decay. You need to avoid certain foods and drinks to keep your teeth healthy. Oral hygiene is the key to keep your enamel strong, teeth healthy and to prevent cavities and yellowish teeth.

Oral Health Tips for Teenagers

Practicing oral hygiene and good nutrition at home is very crucial during the phase of teenage life. Brushing teeth, flossing and proper diet play a major role in maintaining a strong and healthy teeth. Periodontal disease and cavities can be a life threatening disease for adults as well as teens.

  • Ensure that you brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal and floss daily. Your busy activities and schedules can encourage snacking. Therefore, maintaining a proper diet is very important to keep your teeth healthy.
  • To inhibit tooth decay, you can use some amount of fluoridated paste. Fluoride can also be found in some foods, community water supplies and mouth rinses.
  • If you wear dental braces or custom-made appliances, pay more attention to your oral hygiene by flossing teeth regularly. Orthodontic toothbrushes are specially made to clean the teeth and braces easier.

Foods to Avoid:

Avoid eating too much of foods that contains lots of starches and sugars to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Starches and sugars cause the good bacteria present in the mouth to create acids, which can affect your gums and teeth. Sugar and toffees chewing gums should be avoided. However, you may like to chew sugarless gums after meals to clean your mouth.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol:

Smoking and drinking alcohol instigates decaying of teeth and dry out your mouth. They can also destroy your enamel and discolor your teeth. Bad breath and permanent stained yellow teeth can be also caused due to smoking. To keep your teeth healthy and white, you should avoid smoking and drinking.

Avoid Drinking too Much of Soda Pop:

Most teenagers love to drink soda pop, especially during summer season. However, it is important to know that soda can damage your tooth enamel and can cause teeth cavities. Drinking soda with a straw will help you reduce the risk of teeth damage by avoiding soda to come in contact directly to your teeth. You can also try rinsing your mouth with clean water after drinking soda. This will help you minimize the risks of developing teeth cavities.

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