Makeup Tips for Teen Black Girls

Makeup application is all the same whether you are fair, dark or white. It’s just that you need to choose the right color or shades for your eyeshadow, lip gloss or lips stick and foundation. The most important teen makeup tips is to use light makeup and enhance the natural beauty. Also, you need to keep in mind always that your skin is still fresh and soft at your age, so you should use only gentle makeup products to avoid wrinkles and blemishes later in life. Avoid using too much of makeup products at the young age. Read on and learn more makeup tips for teenage black girls.

Skin Prep:

Moisturize your skin always by applying some light moisturizer regularly. Cleanse your skin or face with an astringent to remove the dirt and oil, before you start applying makeup. The better you clean your skin, the better your skin will become. Use anti-shine products if you have an oily skin.


Unless you have blemishes or issues with discoloration, using foundation is not really necessary for teenage girls. Using too much of foundation and not cleaning properly can lead to clogging of your pores and can cause breakouts of the skin. For special function or party, if you really need to look your best, you can apply a light coat of a non-oily foundation that matches the color of your skin.

Eye Makeup:

Applying a proper powdered eyeshadow can make your beautiful eyes stand out. Dark blues and purples work best for darker skin tones, while smokey grays, soft maroons and warm browns suit are suitable for lighter skin tones. To add more pop to your eyes, you can also try using metallic tones like copper, gold and bronze. If you apply mascara and eyeliner, make sure that you keep them light as much as possible to enhance your natural beauty. You can also try experimenting with many different exotic colors like purple, green and blue.


The purpose of using blush is to bring color and youth to your face. Teenage black girls may like to use rose, coral and deep orange shades. Girls with very dark skin colors should avoid using pink, brown and peach tones.

Lips Makeup:

Instead of using lipstick, teenage girls can use lip gloss. Experiment with different colors and choose the one that looks best on you. Natural or lip color lip gloss looks best for teenage girls. If you choose to wear lipstick, go for matte one rather than frosty and shiny lipstick. Avoid applying bright pinks and reds. Use dark or medium shades.

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