Hair Style Tips for Teens: How to Choose the Right Hairstyle

Your hairstyle plays a key role when it comes to your appearance. So, it’s very important to keep the right hairstyle that suits your face shape and your personality. Hair extensions, braids, punk and emo hairstyles are quite popular among teens today. However, you need to consult your hairstylist first before you plunge into a big mistake. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right hairstyle for you.

Accentuate Features:

One of the most important tips to remember while choosing the right hairstyle for you is to understand whether your hair can hold the style or not. You need to accentuate your hair’s attributes while focusing on problem areas. Choose the hairstyle that enhances your looks.

Face Shape:

Considering your face shape is another very important aspect of choosing the perfect hairstyle for you. Don’t think that the haircut that looks good on a heart shaped face will look good on you also. For inspiration, check out the hairstyles of celebrities who share your face shape.

Hair Type:

Considering your hair type is also a significant factor when choosing the right haircut or hairstyle. Unmanageable hair or thick hair may need special treatments and products to get the desired style. Thin or fine hair may find certain hairstyles very difficult to manage or hold. If you are not ready to spend hours and hours styling your hair, avoid getting those hairstyles that need lots of attention.

Hairstyles According to Your Face Shape:

  • Long Face Shape:

    Avoid middle parting and shoulder length hairstyles if you have a long face. A short hairstyle with side parting or spiking is more suitable.

  • Square Face Shape:

    Shoulder length hairstyles with flicked ends looks great on a square face shape. Side fringes can be also attractive for square, oval or heart shaped faces.

  • Round Face Shape:

    Teens with a round faces should not go for a long, straight hair. Short hairstyle that piles up your hair at your top head is probably the best hairstyle for a round face. You can also keep fringes and bangs to add more volume to your hair.

    • Short bobs work best on oval or a square face.
    • Teens with a curly hair can go for a curly bob.
    • Long, shaggy hair is what you may be looking for if you want a cool yet funky look. But again, don’t forget to consider your facial features and personality.

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