Makeover Style Tips for Teens

Teenagers become very much conscious about their physical appearance and want to look their best. This can be a great time to experiment with different looks and fashion. So, here are a few makeover and style tips for teenagers that will help them avoid heavy eyeshadow, too-tight or glittery clothes and get a new, sophisticated look that is still age- appropriate. Getting a fresh, sophisticated look and having fun not only means choosing the right outfits, but it can also mean getting a total-makeover. Here are a few simple tips for teenagers for an effective stylish makeover.

Hip and Sophisticated Clothes:

  • Inexperienced teenagers can easily go wrong in their style of dressing by wearing tacky clothes, too-tight, too short or too revealing clothes. These mistakes can all be avoided by choosing clothes that are comfortable and that suit your body and your personality.
  • Don’t simply follow the trend or fashion, if it doesn’t really suit you. For instance, if you have stocky, short legs, avoid wearing capri pants, for it will simply make your legs appear shorter. Instead just wear something out of the trends and make a fashion statement.

Makeup Tips:

  • Make sure that you clean your face properly by using a gentle face cleanser before you start applying makeup.
  • Choose a foundation that suits to your skin color. Apply it to your entire face and blend it by using an iced soaked makeup sponge. To make it stay longer, you can also use a compact over the foundation.
  • If you have blemishes, you can hide them by applying a non-allergenic concealer. Make sure that the concealer and your foundation are the same shade. Besides that, swipe the blush brush onto the apple of your cheeks. Light pink or peach shades suit all skin tones.
  • Then, apply a thick coat of mascara to define your beautiful eyes. Choose the mascara color that complements your hair and skin color. Teens with a dark hair can go for black mascara, while people with a light or blond hair can go for brown mascara.
  • Eye shadow is optional for teens. In case you need to use eyeshadow, avoid unnatural or dark colors such as purple or green. This will make you look tacky and sick.
  • Stick to a natural color lip-gloss. Avoid wearing too bright or dark lipstick. You just want to enhance your natural beauty and not look fake. If you want a more dramatic look, you can go for pink, peach, beige, coral, brown pink or bronze lipstick.

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