Top Four Summer Jobs for Teenagers

The teenage years are the time to wear the latest clothes and experience many new things in life. And, yes sometimes pocket money is not at all sufficient to buy music, clothes, and gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends. So how about working during your summer vacation and earning extra pocket money?

There are many different ways teenagers can work and earn money. A summer job will not only help you earn money, but you can also gain organizational and communication skills.  Here are the top four summer job ideas for teenagers.


Restaurants and cafes often provide part time jobs for teenagers. You can work as a waiter/waitress or a host/hostess. This involves greeting customers, setting the tables, taking drink and food orders, serving foods and drinks and cleaning the table. In this kind of job, you can earn lots of tips apart from your salary if you have a pleasing personality.

Library Shelver:

Library shelver is probably the best working environment for teenagers. It is clean and relatively low stress work when compared to other kinds of working place. Here, you won’t have many interactions with others, except for patrons asking for your assistance. This work involves mostly physical work like lifting and bending. This job may also be a great idea if you love reading.


If you are friendly, reliable and good with young kids, then babysitting is perfect for you. This job involves temporarily taking care of and looking after small children while their guardians or parents are away for a holiday or work. You need to follow any instructions and guidance given by the parents until they return.

Face-Painting Artist:

Face painting could be a great way to earn extra pocket money if you are good at painting or art. Offer your art skills to local festivals, children’s parties and fetes at a reasonable price. Advertise your services through word of mouth or in local newspaper classifieds. If you plan ahead and work the details out properly, this could become a small business.

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