Work Out Tips for Teens

Regular exercise brings a huge range of health benefits for teens. Teenagers should get at least 50 minutes of moderate to intensive exercise or physical activity every day. That said, it is not always necessary to work out at the gym vigorously to stay fit and healthy. There are various simple ways to incorporate exercises in your daily routine. So, here are a few workout tips for teenagers.

Make Your Workout Fun:

To make your exercise routine more easy and fun, choose an activity you really enjoy. If athletics or sports are not your interests, try something else which you are interested in like aerobics or dance. It is a great way of working out and having fun with friends at the same time.

Keep it Interesting:

It is crucial for teenagers to balance their work out routine with activities that develop flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Cardio activities could be running, cycling, swimming or walking. For flexibility and strength, Tai Chi, yoga or pilates are ideal.

Set Realistic Goals:

Don’t think that incorporating a workout plan into your daily routine can happen overnight. So, set realistic goals and break down your workout routine into small and achievable targets. Don’t rush into an intensive workout regime immediately. Start with lighter exercise routine and keep increasing as you keep going.

Stay Motivated:

It requires motivation in order to stick to your workout routine. There may be certain days where you’re tempted to skip your exercise routine or do something else instead. But, you need to recommit to your exercise plan and keep going even if you slip. The positive support and encouragement of family members and friends can also keep you motivated.

Remember to Rest:

To bulk-up your muscles quickly, don’t start working out vigorously without allowing your body to rest. Teenagers need to rest for two days per week. Over-exercising can cause many physical problems. Taking a break or allowing your body to rest from strenuous exercises will help you focus your workouts in a positive and healthy way.

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