Diets for Teenagers

Throughout high school, it is very important for adolescent teenagers to look their best. Their physical appearance can be their main concern over nearly anything else.For this reason, teens spend a great deal of time at the gym, or are looking for ways to get more protein.However, many teenagers often forget that they should eat a healthy,balanced diet.

Teenagers are at the stage where their body is constantly growing and developing.Teens should indulge in healthy eating habits to assist their bodies in development, and increase their physical exercise. Below are some healthy diet tips for teenagers.

Healthy Diets for Teens

Increase ProteinIntake:

Increasing protein intake will help fight off potential infections.

  • Protein intake is calculated by a formula that nutritionists use. The formula is to multiply a person’s body weight in kilograms by (.8) or in pounds by (.37). This will be the daily minimum of protein in grams.
  • Include fish, mutton or chicken at least once a day. However, it is best to avoid deep frying.
  • For a vegetarian diet, protein can be increased by eating a bowl of dal, nutri-nuggets, pulses, legumes or soy beans. Also, it is best to drink 250 ml of milk daily.

Increase Calorie Intake:

Adolescence is a time of increased nutrient and calorie needs. This is because teens are involved in sports and other physical activities.

  • Teen girls between 15-18 y.o. require 2200 calories, while boys at this age require 2500 calories.
  • Teen girlsbetween 16-18 years require 2200 calories and boys require 3000 calories.
  • Increase the intake of cereals, dried fruits, nuts and peanuts on a regular basis to get the required amount of calories. Make a habit of eating fruits every day.
  • Avoid eating junk food, because these types of foods are made of empty calories which can cause obesity.

Increase Iron Intake:

Girls need to increase the intake of iron more so than boys; deficiently of iron in one’s body can lead to nutritional anemia.

  • The daily intake of iron should not be less than 35 grams for girls and 25 grams for boys.
  • To achieve this, increase the intake of green vegetables, fruits, dates, sprouts, and raisins.
  • Mutton and chicken liver are great sources of iron.

Increase Calcium Intake:

For growth and development, calcium is very important. The intake of calcium will help to strengthen teeth and bones.

  • Make a habit of drinking one glass of milk daily. This will help develop bones.
  • Sesame seeds and leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium.

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    So I am 15 year old girl and i am a hockey player. I train three times a week and one of those sessions is fitness. I am stocky girl because of my figure and according to science I am overweight.
    I weigh 71 Kg, my problem is that no matter what I do I can’t seem to lose any weight.
    I have tried diets, I was on a treadmill every day for 45 minutes and I lost no weight.
    Could you please help me?

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