Winter Hair Care Tips

With dry and cold outdoor air, as well as warm air indoors, hair can become damaged. Cold weather makes hair turn frizzy, dull and brittle. This means that there is great importance in hair care during this season. Proper hair care measures will ensure that hair stays silky and soft. The following tips will help protect potential damaged hair.

  • Wear a hat or a scarf on your head.This will protect hair from the dry, cold air outside. However, make sure that the headwear is not too tight, or else it will restrict the blood circulation beneath the scalp.
  • Use a high quality hair conditioner; this will help keep hair moist despite the dry weather. Applying hair oil (or shine serum)2-3 times eachweek will keep hair soft and healthy.
  • Avoid stepping outside with wet hair in the winter season. Hair is more prone to freeze or brittle while wet.
  • The use of heat styling toolsshould be minimized during winter season.
  • For the winter season, search for a replenishing shampoo and conditioner. This will assist hair with moisture.
  • Take extra precautions to stay in good health during winter. Taking vitamins and avoiding junk food can keep hair replenished.
  • Try to use only cool water or luke-warm waterwhile washing hair, for the heat of the hot water can dry out hair, or cause damage.

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