Basic First Aid for Kids

Basic first aid should be taught to children both at school and in the home.This will prepare them to deal with emergency situations such as burns, injuries, heat strokes or outdoor emergencies. Children are very vulnerable to injuries because they are very active. Below are some ideas to inform children about first aid.


If children are in danger when adults are not around, they may be unaware of the things they need to do. Children need to understand that when someone gets hurt, it is important to find an adult or call 911 immediately; emergency respondents can then take over the situation.


Splinters are very common among children, since they are often playing outside.The first thing a child should do is was their hands before trying to remove the splinter. This will help to prevent any infection. If a splinter is deeply embedded, a doctor may need to be involved in the removal process. It is also necessary to give a tetanus booster to your child after getting rid of a splinter.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR):

Prior training is necessary to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This process should be done only if the person shows no signs of breathing. In order to perform this CPR, press on the affected person’s lower-half of the sternum(i.e.breastbone). Compressions followed by two rescue breaths complete one cycle, and this should be repeated until the person regains consciousness.


A burn injury should be treated quickly with cold water, as this helps to minimize the burning sensation; this process also helps speed up the healing process. Cool water will also reduce scarring. However, any blistering burn should be treated by an adultwith the proper medication or hospital care to avoid further problems.


It is important to teach children that bleeding will stop if pressure is put on the open wound. One should know that any cut should be cleaned out after bleeding stops to avoid infections.

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