How to Dress to Look Taller and Thinner

It is not necessary to wear black outfits everyday to make yourself appear taller and slimmer. You just have to alter your way of dressing and how you present yourself to create a taller and better appearance. Making the right fashion choices can certainly enhance your physical appearance. If you are one among the million girls who wish to increase their height and look slimmer, try the following simple tips to make you appear slimmer and taller.

  • Stick to combine textures and monochromatic outfits in an innovative way. Try to combine materials and textures, however avoid wearing two-piece outfits.
  • Pair a contrasting textured or colored cardigan, blazer or over shirt with one color.
  • Wear coats, sweaters or cardigans and loosen the buttons so it doesn’t pull. Opt for a loose fitting outfit that doesn’t taper.
  • Avoid wearing horizontal stripes; they will make you appear more bulky than your actual size. If you have to wear stripes go for vertical stripes, they will make you appear thinner and taller.
  • Go for a V neck blouse or shirt to make your neck appear longer. Avoid wearing chokers that make your neck appear stubbier.
  • Try wearing scarves with different color outfits.
  • Avoid wearing broad or big belts; they will make you look shorter.
  • Spice up your outfits with accessories like long pendants and necklaces.
  • Contrasting proportions are recommended for short girls. For instance, a shorter skirt suits better with a longer jacket or cardigan, and a pair of trousers with a shorter jacket.
  • Choose longer skirts rather than larger skirts with small prints.
  • Choose shoes or sandals with at least a 1 inch heel to make you appear taller.

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