How to Dress Emo

Say hello to Emo and goodbye to Gothic clothing. Emo style has become the latest and hottest trend. Dressing Emo style is quite simple, you just to be little creative to create a rock rebellion look. If you are wondering how you can dress in Emo style, here are a few tips that will help you achieve it with ease.
Emo Wardrobe Basics
To achieve the perfect Emo look, you need the following wardrobe. Mix-match your daily outfits to add versatility and interest to your look.
Studded Belts
To dress in the Emo style, you should have studded black belts. You need to have many chunky accessories or belts to wear overlong tunic shirts or low slung on your hips for a rebellious-rocker look. While buying this studded belt, go for high quality leather. It may cost you more, but it’s worth making you look trendy without appearing cheap or like you are trying too hard.

Skinny Pants: Skinny pants or jeans are not only back in fashion, but they are a must to dress Emo. So, get ready to rock the skinny pants rather than those designer denims.
Sweater Vests
You must own at least one sweater vest. It is a timeless piece which is totally basic and versatile. You can pair it up with a white shirt for a job interview, over a dress for a casual summer look or with a turtleneck in cooler weather.
Who says suspenders are only for grandparents? They are actually really trendy.  You can pair it up with a wife beater, a tight white tank or your favorite rock T-shirt.
Emo style is incomplete without jewelry. Swords, daggers, skulls and eyeballs are all welcome for Emo dressers. Just pick the one you love to wear. You don’t have to buy all the above to dress Emo. Choose one signature piece which is tough and unique.
Something Quirky
Lastly, you may like to top off your wardrobes by wearing or adding something quirky that suits your unique persona.  For instance, collect a bunch of old handmade merit badges or tags and sew them on your favorite pair of jeans or jacket.

Try to collect something unique and different that makes you separate from the crowd. After all, fashion is all about making a statement and making you stand out from others.

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