Punk Clothing for Teens

Punk clothing is the latest fashion trend among teenagers. It is all about trying or experimenting with different things. To get this punk look, you just need to mix-match your old and new clothes and make a new modern twist.

Elements of Punk Clothing

  • Slightly baggy pants are generally chosen over other pants.
  • T-shirts or clothes featuring bands are a staple for punk clothing.
  • Some punk junkies prefer black leather jackets and pants.
  • Stripes and plaid are common designs in punk accessories and clothing.
  • Popular punk symbols include anarchy symbols and skulls. And, some patriotic people may like to use their flag.
  • DIY and Deconstruction are popular elements in punk clothing. Therefore, fashion may feature pinned-together, patches and rips areas.
  • Zippers, safety pins, silver chains, spikes and studs can be used as jewelry.
  • Popular shoes for punks include Chuck Taylor All-Stars, skate shoes and combat boots.

Punk Clothing Ideas

To achieve this punk look, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on expensive designer clothes or jewelry. You can just grab any clothes and make your own punk style. If you are not sure, here are a few ideas for teens.

Potato Chip Wrist Band

To make this wrist band, any plastic potato chip bag cover will do.  Grab your bag of chips and make a funky wrist band or bracelet out of its cover or bag. You just need to shrink it into a thick plastic piece.

Use a Necktie as a Belt

It is a quick way to add a punk flair to your outfit. This style has been popularly worn by many rock stars like Liv Tyler. Nowadays, you can find neckties in many different colors, designs and patterns. Just be a bit creative and use it to make a fashion statement.

Make a Tank Top out of a T-shirt

Who says cool, punk t-shirts can be worn only by guys? Turn your shirt into a tank top instead of buying separate tank tops.

Turn your Socks into A wristband

Socks often get holes after some time, but hang onto them next time instead of pitching them. Grab your torn socks and make it a colorful, funky wristband.

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