Easy Ways for Teenagers to Make Money

There are lots of ways for teenagers to make some money as long as you have the will and motivation. If you are among the millions of teenagers who are looking for ways to make money, here are a few tips and ideas to help you get some extra pocket money.

Ways for Teens to Make Money

  • Babysitting

This is probably the easiest way to earn extra pocket money. Here, you just need a pleasing personality to take care of some neighborhood kids while the parents go out for a date or something.  Take a CPR or babysitting certification class to make you more desirable to families.

  • Lawn Mowing

It is a seasonal job but only requires some physical labor and time. Add extras such leaf blowing, planting flowers or weeding gardens to your work list to earn extra money.

  • House Cleaning

Look for a cleaning job in nearby houses by asking around to your neighbors or putting up flyers in your local community center. Please note that you need to follow certain instructions and directions of the house owner. You can also include packing to your work list to earn more money.

  • Tutoring

If you have a passion or interest in learning and teaching, offer tutoring services to small kids. Any boy or girl who has the ability to explain and make others understand will be a natural at this task.

  • Computer Help

If you have good computer knowledge like fixing errors and setting them up, this job would be perfect for you. This is a great way to earn a huge amount within 2-3 hours. Other services you can include in your work list are to teach others how to do research, use their email, using Excel spreadsheets, power point and creating websites.

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