Easy to Do Hairstyles for girls

In their teenage years, everyone is most conscious about their physical appearance. But, after a late night studying or library sessions, you can wake up in the morning with just a few minutes to get ready and head to school.  So, how is a stylish girl to maintain her well-groomed looks? Would you go to school or class without combing your hair or styling your hair???

No girl wants to look messy and unattractive; they want to look their best. So, ‘what easy to do’ hairstyles can you use in your busy schedule?  Check out the following ‘easy to do’ hairstyles – they never fail to make you look beautiful and stylish.

Get Rid of Grease:

Grab a baby powder and tame your oily hair if you have a matte bronzer, brunette or light-colored hair. Just apply the powder to your roots by using a fluffy big-makeup-brush. This will make your hair look fresh. If you have any stray strands, simply fix them with a flat iron and you’re ready to head for your class with a fresh, stylish look.

Pull on a Headband:

Simply brush your hair and slip in your stylish wide-headband for a simple yet elegant look. This will help you conceal your messier strands and makes your hair look polished. For a more stylish look, go for a headband that suits your outfits.

Do a Messy Bun:

It takes only two seconds to make this hairstyle. The Messy Bun is just perfect for girls with long hair. Simply pull your hair up to the top of your head and clip it firmly or wrap it with an elastic band. Then, by using 2-3 three cute bobby pins shape the bun and finish with a good hairspray. You may like to pull out some ends to make your hair look a little messy, which is the style right now.

Make a Chic Ponytail:

This simple hairstyle will give you stylish, chic look. If you have very curly hair, you may need to apply some anti-frizz cream first to create a chic ponytail and if your hair is straight, use a little curl cream to create   a slightly wavy look. Then, simply pull back your hair into a low ponytail with nice elastic. You may like to pull out some strands and leave like that for more stylish look.

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