Signs of a Bad Friend

Friends are extremely important in our lives, so much so that without friends and family, no person can be complete.  Unfortunately, not all friends are trustworthy and worthy of your friendship with bad intentions or misguided ideas of what it is to be a true friend.

Friends shape your life

Friends play a very important role in your growth and development as a person therefore keeping bad company can make you a bad person and the opposite applies when you surround yourself with good friends.  This is why it is critical to choose good friends in your life.  Below are some common signs of a bad friend. If your friends possess any of the following qualities or traits, you may need to decide whether your friendship is worth keeping or not.

Signs of a Bad Friend

Toxic friends are usually rude and selfish, and they often make fun of others and are inconsiderate. Some of the signs are listed below.

  • Making plans with other friends and leaving you out alone intentionally on a regular basis.
  • Saying bad things about you when you are not around.
  • Making fun of you or putting you down in front of others.
  • Constantly competing with you or making you feel interior.
  • Telling your secrets to others which were told in privacy.
  • Being flaky and breaking promises to you.
  • Talking to you when only she/he needs something or help from you.
  • Ignoring you when she/he is with other friends.
  • Goes out with you only when no one else is available for her/him.
  • Disappears from you when you have a problem or when you need help.
  • Self-centered, she/he talks only about him/herself and show no interest in you.
  • She/he flirts with your girlfriend/boyfriend and tries stealing him/her from you.
  • Acts very possessive of you. He/she gets angry when you make friends with others.
  • Dating your ex.
  • Forcing you to do something you are uncomfortable with like taking drugs or drinking.
  • Lying to you most of the time.
  • Encouraging you to do bad things.
  • Jealous when you do better than him/her, dress better or achieving something.
  • She/he wants to go everything according to his/her wants or ideas only.

2 responses to Signs of a Bad Friend

  1. This helped so much. One of my friends has recently been getting very possesive of me, and I was starting to think about wether or not she is a bad friend. She has been calling me names, being possesive, and is always trying to get me to date when I don’t want to, and getting jealous when I do something better. And pretty much everything on this list. But, she’s moving to Michigan soon, so. . . . . . YAY!!!!

  2. then no one will have a good friend ever

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