Fun Activities for Teenagers

Teenagers’ days are usually packed with extracurricular activities, class and studying. They barely have enough time to chill out with friends and have fun, sleep and eat. To break the monotonous routine of daily life and fill your life with new energy, you should take time out for some fun activities as well. So, here are some ideas for fun activities young boys and girls could try.

Fun Activity Ideas for Teens:

  • Discover Your Family Tree:

Are you interested in knowing the details about your family background??? Visit genealogy.com or get help from your older family members and get started in being a new historian of your family.

  • Game night:

How about take the initiative and start a new routine game’s-night with your friends?  Keep different board games ready to play. Each of your friends can take turns to host the group and everyone can contribute to the snacks and drink. If you can form a big group, you can host many different games at one time, or you can plan games that everyone can participate in or have a knock out competition.

  • Volunteer:

Doing volunteer work can be a good fun activity, especially if it’s with good people or friends. So, how about you gather a few of your friends and have fun cleaning your neighborhood’s garden or park, teach to younger kids or helping elderly citizens in the neighborhood.

  • Host a field day:

Though, this is usually a common event to have at the end of a school year, it’s not necessary to wait for any particular occasion to enjoy it with your friends. You can create several lists of games such as relay races, sack races, egg toss, tug of war and many more and bring some home-baked food or some inexpensive prizes to award the winners.

  • Host a Karaoke Night:

This is a great idea if you or a friend has a large garage or a basement.  Let your friends or guests come and sing their favorite choruses or songs and even hold a Karaoke competition as well.

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