What Makes a Good Friend?

Have you ever wondered whether your friend is right for you or whether you are being a good friend to your friends?  There are certain characteristics in either case that make someone a faithful, good friend. What comes to your mind when you think about your best friend or a good friend??? Generally, you think of a person who is supportive, faithful to you, right? Well, let’s check out the main characteristics of a ‘good friend’

Respectful at all Times:

A person who respects you all the time can be considered as a good friend. A good friend will always stand by you even if someone else talks negative or false things about you. Sometimes however, a friend doesn’t tell you that others were talking wrong about you.

Understand your Interest

A good friend will never pressure you into doing things that you don’t want to do; especially bad things. A person who cares for you will consider your interests and never let you do things that harm you.

Allow you to be Yourself:

If a person tries to change you, it is an obvious sign that he or she is not a good friend. A good friend accepts you for ‘what’ and ‘who’ you are. Remember that, someone who makes you feel guilty and bad about yourself is not someone you can be close too for very long.

Supportive When Needed:

Teenager years are the time when you need friends or someone to be on your side and support you. Understand that someone who listens to your feelings and stands by your side in both good and bad times is a true friend.

Won’t Use You For His/her Benefits:

When a person is not looking to gain something from your friendship – this is called true friendship.  However, sometimes friends seem to only come to you when they need some help from you. These are obviously not good friends. The person who is there for you in times of trouble is the one you can count as your true friend.

Last, but not least, one should understand that no one is perfect – including you. That means, your friend can’t be wonderful to you all the time. Everyone makes mistakes at times.  So, just because your friend may have done something wrong, that doesn’t always mean he or she is a bad friend.  However, if the person possesses the above qualities most of the time, or the good qualities outweigh the bad qualities, you can consider remaining friends with that person.

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