Tips on High School Dating

Teenagehood is the time when young girls and boys are not afraid of experimenting with new things and trying out things that others don’t do.  However, when it comes to dating and relationships you need to understand and follow certain rules to avoid getting yourself hurt. Dating can be quite exciting and nerve wrenching at the same time, especially in your high school years.

Check out the following tips to make your dating life more successful and make your relationship more lasting. These will help you understand what to expect in a relationship and keep you away from dangers.

Dating in High School:

If you’ve started dating, you might have already understood that besides just going out with the guy or girl you like, there are outside pressures influencing you. Your parents may be too protective or your friends involving themselves in your relationship too much, etc. These are the main factors that can cause problems and stress in your relationship. And these influences may be why romantic relationships in high school often don’t last for long.

Keep Your Relationship Different From Friends:

It’s a good idea not to mix your relationships with your friends. Try to keep your relationship as private as possible from your friends.  Don’t involve your friends when you have arguments with your boy or girlfriend and avoid being too affectionate or intimate whilst in the company of your friends.

Keep Negativity Low:

Avoid speaking negative or bad things about your date or boyfriend/girlfriend to anyone including your friends. Yes, there may be times when you just need to vent, however try to keep it to a minimum as much as possible. It can easily break your relationship or put your relationship in danger, especially if your friends aren’t that keen on the person you are dating.

Know Whom You Should Trust:

Don’t always trust all your friends. Your friends may tell you certain stories about the person that you are dating and sometimes these may disturb you. However, you should know whom you can believe and trust and who you should be wary of. Some friends may be simply jealous and may be looking for ways to break your relationship. So, just be very careful when listening to rumors and keep an open mind.

Be Patient with Intimacy:

Don’t take anything in hurry, think twice and take things slowly. Respect the opinions of your boyfriend or girlfriend. So, if your date is not ready or not comfortable to go to the deeper intimacy level, never force or pressurize to the person. Remember that, by pressuring the person, you are actually scaring him or her away.

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