How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress

When it is prom time, figuring out how to choose the right prom dress can be quite confusing and cause concern. Most high-school students try hard to find the right dress and to look their best on prom night. So, here are a few tips on how to choose the right dress for the prom night and look fabulous.

Where can you Spot Teens’ Prom Trends?

Gather ideas from the magazines, the red carpet and from the internet. Check out the perfect dress by searching online or by flipping through fashion magazines and see which dress will suit you best. Try on many different dresses and choose the one that enhances your look, makes you feel beautiful and that makes you feel comfortable.

Which Length is Best for Prom Dress?

Shorts have been popular previously, but time has come to say GOODBYE to that length and say HELLO to long, flowing gowns. You can also try ‘just below-your-knee’ length dresses if you can’t find the perfect long gown for you. Forget about the hemline and pick the one that looks good on you. Your aim is to look your best and feel good. If you have to go shorts, think bows, ruffles, lace and sequins to make it prom-worthy.

Tips to Remember While Choosing a Prom Dress:

  • Try a shorter hem and an empire waist for a fuller figure. An empire-waist silhouette will de-emphasize your waistline and give you a lean long look.
  • People with a pear or hourglass shape may look great in any dress. However, dresses that flatter the most would be a shorter hem, cinched waist and strapless dresses.
  • Women with triangular figure (i.e. heavy bottom and smaller on top) can opt for full skirts with a longer bodice to hide the big hip area. For creating a more balanced look, look for cap sleeves and cinched waists.
  • Women with an inverted triangle shape (i.e. fuller body on top) can go for dresses with a very simple neckline and no ruffles, ruching or bows on top. They will simply make you fuller on top of your body. Search for a fuller skirt to create balance.
  • People who are slender figured or thin with no curves or body shape can go for a A-line dress or a bubble hem to create more curves. You can also wear long flowing ball gowns ad play up your attributes. Don’t hesitate to try patterns and whatever color that suits you best. Give more importance to flattering your top body.

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