How to Improve Memory Power

So you want to improve your memory power?  A wonderful way to organize big sets of information and memorize lists in your head is by using a technique called “method of loci” or “The Memory Palace.”  Read on to learn how to use this impressive method to improve your brain function – and it’s fun too.

Steps to Use Memory Palace:

  • Find a place or location you are familiar with, such as your school, house or neighbor’s house.
  • Imagine the place with as much detail as you can.  It can be the color of the walls, carpets or what is under the beds or inside the closets.
  • Visualize a path through the house and see yourself walking along that path.
  • While you are walking the path, not the first thing that catches your eyes, then the second thing, third thing, fourth thing and so on.
  • Next, say out loud all the names or things that catch your eyes, or write them down to help you remember all the items.  You need to memorize all the items according to your list.
  • Now, try to correlate each item on the first list with the one on the second list.  For example, you can list three American presidents in their order of taking office, and then assign the first president’s name to the first item that caught your eyes, the second president’s name to the second item and so on.
  • Try to memorize all the associations again.  For instance, clothe Abraham Lincoln like a rap star and place him underneath the kitchen table and dress George Washington like a figure skater and pace him in the imaginary bathtub.  Be creative, crazy and have fun.
  • Once you’ve done all the item associations, imagine yourself walking the same path again.  Stop at each item you have noted before and observe closely.
  • Each president should be there in the same order you have noted and memorized them.  Walk through the same place several times mentally throughout your day and recollect the items you have noted.

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