Fashion Tips for Teens

Every teen needs to know a few style basics to always look their best.  Choosing the most figure flattering dress or perfect fitting jean is very important if you want to be fabulous and chic.  At the same time, teenagers should experiment with various trends and have fun with fashion.  Follow these smart tips to keep your look fresh and stylish.

Fashion Tips for Girls:

  • Teenage girls should add whimsical and eclectic touches to make their styles youthful, fun and unique.
  • Rich textures, bold colors, and a bit of shine or ruffle is a great way to add sophistication and style.
  • Layering with lightweight tank tops, long t-shirts and cardigans are also a fabulous way to showcase color and add dimension to your look.
  • Go with prints and tailored pieces that flaunt your personality for events such as school dances, pep rallies and games.
  • A sweetheart neckline on a gown or top is always flattering.  Be sure to wear a perfect fitting undergarment as well.
  • Avoid overly revealing outfits and remember that showing a little skin looks incredibly sexy and flattering, but showing too much skin is vulgar and unattractive.

Fashion Tips for Guys:

  • For more formal and professional occasions, it is time for young men to say good bye to baggy clothes and embrace a more sophisticated, mature look with nicely fitting pants and tailored shirts.
  • To make a bold fashion statement, guys can wear bold colored ties or shirts.  Avoid wearing the same color shirt and pants unless you are wearing a blazer and wear shoes that are appropriate to the outfit.
  • A perfect fitting t-shirt with a comfy pair of jeans is the right attire for casual events.
  • Special events require a shirt with a collar, tucked into trousers with a nice leather belt and dress shoes.

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