How to Become a Teenage Model

The designer runways, magazine spreads and million dollar contracts are an alluring part of the flourishing world of modeling.  It goes without saying that getting into this competitive industry is certainly not easy.  A stunning portfolio and permission from your parents may not be enough to become a successful teen model.  Read on to learn valuable tips on becoming the next fashion icon.

Get Permission from your Parents:

Before you start your career, it’s very important for teenagers to get permission from their parents.  Talk to them about your dreams and goals and how you want to make modeling a part of your future.  Ask for their opinion and listen to their suggestions to help you achieve this goal.  If your parents want you to complete other obligations like school and other commitments, it is important to finish prior obligations, and not neglect your current responsibilities.

Make a Portfolio:

Next you will want to make a portfolio that demonstrates your range of styles as a model.  You can hire a professional photographer to take your pictures, or ask a friend who is good with a camera.  Take a variety of photos of you in different backgrounds and outfits, including full-length and headshots.

Hire an Agent:

After you’ve created your portfolio, the next move is to hire a modeling agent.  Try visiting all the local agencies in person with your photo portfolio to inquire about your representation.  You can also try national agencies like John Robert Powers and Barbizon to see if you can land a contract.  When selecting an agent, choose one with considerable knowledge and experience in the business and lots of great industry connections.

Educate Yourself:

Once you have secured an agent, you need to continue to improve your performance.  Take modeling classes to perfect your runway strut, strike amazing poses, and sharpen your interview skills. There is always something new to learn about this fast-paced industry.

Improve your Overall Physical Appearance:

Modeling is not only about style, walking or posing, but about showing off the beauty of the human body.  Working out at the gym daily is necessary to tone your body and get a perfect figure.  Take care of your skin by drinking lots of water and avoiding stress, pollution and sun.  Keep your body well groomed and polished at all times if you want to be a successful model.

Attend Casting Calls and Auditions:

Once you have a portfolio and agent, it’s time to start looking for a job.  Attend as many casting calls and auditions as you can.  Don’t be disappointed or take it too personally if you are not selected right away, as certain companies have different standards of what they are looking for, and you may not fit every requirement for every job.  After all, you cannot be successful without failures, so learn from your experiences and improve with every audition.

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