Dating Tips for Teenage Girls

The dating world can be super exciting one moment and totally heart wrenching the next, especially when you are going out for the first time.  Feeling the thrill of meeting someone new is not without challenges, and there are certain things you need to consider to make your dating life more fun and less stressful.  The following tips will help any girl seem graceful and unforgettable on date night.

Listen to Your Parents: 

It is always better to listen to your parents and be open with them about your dating life.  If you trust each other, you can go to them for help whenever you have a problem or need advice.  Be sure that your parents like the person you are dating, and approve of your plans.  If your date comes to the door to pick you up, introduce him to your parents.  Let them know who else will be there, and when you’ll be back.  All of these things show your parents that you are mature enough for dating.

Avoid Giving Mixed Signals:

Sometimes the person you are dating might be more interested or want to get closer than you would like.  It is easy to give mixed signals, especially when you both have different intentions.  You need to be clear with your words and body language if you don’t want to be anything more than just friends.  At the same time you should be respectful of his feelings, and not lead him on or pressure him to like you.

Get Friendly in a Group Setting:

It’s not a good idea to go on a secluded date with someone you hardly know.  Going on a group date or double date is a much more fun way to get comfortable together.  Agree to meet him in a crowded restaurant or public area, and avoid arriving or leaving alone by having your friends or parents drop you off and pick you up.  You will be more relaxed and friendly on your date if you feel safe.

Realize That No Date is Perfect:

Don’t keep your expectations too high when you are heading out on the big night, because your fantasy may not live up to reality and you will be disappointed.  Expecting your date to do or say things like a hero in a romance novel will not allow you to have fun.  Just allow him to simply be himself, so you can be yourself, and you will enjoy the date so much more.

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