Fashion Tips for Short Teenage Girls

The latest teen fashions are not only for tall boys and girls. Even if you are not as tall as your friends, you can still dress like a model and follow the latest fashions. There are many teen fashions that focus on shorter girls as well. If you’re a short girl, your aim is to create an illusion of looking taller, and you can achieve this by choosing the right shades, prints, and perfect fitting clothes. Here are a few fashion tips for you short girls to make you appear taller.

Choose Monochromatic Colors:

Lengthen your body by wearing monochromatic outfits. Wearing a different shade on top and bottom tends to make you appear even shorter than your actual height. This is particularly true when one color is dark and the other is light. Instead, wear a monochromatic outfit or wear the same shade on both top and bottom. This will create a taller and leaner look that gives the illusion of extended height.

Wear dark colors:

Opt for dark colors, especially if it’s a monochromatic outfit. Dark colored outfits can make you appear taller. A cute black top with a pair of fitting black jeans or paints will give you that sophisticated, lean body. You can spice up your outfit with some good accessories like a bracelet, beaded neck chain, and earrings for a variety of events. Black is a good choice for both fat and short girls.

Avoid shorter, Capri, and Flared pants:

Wearing pants or jeans that cover your legs will make you appear lean and taller. Flared and capri pants will cut your height short and give you the illusion of bring even shorter. Perfectly fitting paints or straight pants work best for a short girl.

Choose Skirts and Pants with high waists:

To give you the illusion of taller leg length, you can wear “high-waisted” skirts or pants. If you are short in stature, it’s better to stay away from hip pant styles or low waist pants.

Choose a thinner belt:

Short girls should be very careful when choosing a belt. Wearing a thick, bulky, or wide belt will simply make you look even shorter. Instead, select a thin, narrow belt if you have to one. Also, avoid wearing bright colored belts that contrast with your outfit’s shade or one with many decorative details. A clean, simple line looks best for shorter girls.

The above tips can help you dress wisely and make you look taller. The teenage years are the time to try different styles and fashions, so don’t let your height prevent you from the latest fashions and trendy outfits. Enjoy your teenage years to the fullest!!!

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