How to Look Fabulous in Yellow

Yellow is the hot shade this year, but it is unfortunately also the most difficult color to wear. It is taking the fashion world by storm and popping on the catwalk with its upbeat sunny, bright image. The vivid shade of yellow tends to better suit people with deeper skin tones, dark hair, and blue eyes. It can be really unflattering and unattractive if you have a pale complexion and don’t choose the correct shade of yellow. So if you would like to give yellow clothing a try, here are a few tips.

Choose the Right Shade of Yellow:

There may be different shades of yellow that will flatter your face, although it may not be the shade that is hot and trendy this year. You can pull off a vivid shade of yellow with flair if you have a darker skin tone and hair. If you have blonde hair, you can opt for a soft or warmer shade of yellow. Redheads can pull off red undertones like honey and gold shades of yellow. When buying yellow outfits, try different shades of yellow and choose the one that suits you best.

Wear Yellow Accessories:

Even if you don’t find the right yellow shade and still want to follow the latest yellow trend, don’t worry. Incorporate different yellow accessories with your outfits. Splash in the yellow style by wearing yellow shoes, a handbag, or a beaded necklace. Pair up your yellow footwear with a dark shade like navy blue or black for a fresh, stylish look. Yellow accessories will give your wardrobe a sophisticated, cool look without overpowering your outfit.

Wear a Yellow Print:

Try wearing an eye catching yellow print if a solid yellow shade is unflattering on you. Choose a nice, flattering print that has yellow and other colors in it to compliment your skin and hair color. Be sure to choose a print that coordinates with your wardrobe.

Show it off with Tan Skin:

Whether you are naturally tanned or just returned from a sunny beach, a yellow shade will go nicely with a darker, tanned skin tone. So the best time to wear your new yellow clothes is after your return from the bright, sunny pool or beach. Yellow shades work best when worn against golden, sun-kissed skin.

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