Top Five Fun Ways to Stay Healthy

When we think of staying healthy, it may sound like a broken record, “exercise regularly, eat right, get a good night sleep and take enough vitamins.” But, these same old tips are not the only ways to stay healthy. There are many more ways to stay healthy and happy. Following are some of the fun ways to keep ourselves in tiptop shape (according to a licensed Acupuncturist and Neturopathic Medical Doctor of The Center for Natural Healing, Dr.Leslie Axelrod). These fun ideas don’t involve a new exercise plan or changing your diet, but mainly concentrate on your overall health or well-being.

Belt it out Baby:

Singing has many health benefits, and to enjoy the many benefits of singing, you don’t need to have a great singing voice or to be a superstar. Singing can increase the oxygen flow in your body, which works wonders for your immune system, brain and skin. You can sing anywhere, any place to enjoy the benefits of singing. Either way, sing out loud and feed your body.

Write in a journal:

Believe it or not, writing down your feelings and thoughts can have immense positive impact on your immune system. Studies have proven that keeping a journal is a great way of boosting your immune system. By maintaining honest journaling about your life, you can solve the problems more effectively in your daily life. A journal is your world, and you can make it anything you want it to be. Draw a picture, simply express your thoughts and feelings or write a poem. Chances are, you’ll feel much better when you’re finished.


Just forget all your problems, worries and simply laugh. You will soon realize that everything gets better after you get rid of your problems. Laugh at your problems. You will feel better. You can chill out with your friends who are cheerful and funny or watch comedy movies. LAUGHTER has lots of benefits that include improving brain function, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, decreasing pain and improving your heart health. Laughter can definitely make you feel good.

Have Fun with Your Friends:

Friends play a very important role in our life. It’s okay to share your feelings, your deepest secrets or latest crush with your close friends. You’ll feel better when you share or express your feelings with others. It is not only good for personal happiness, but also essential for your health. Friends or your parents will be there for you to celebrate your success and to sympathize with you on your worst day.

Shake that booty:

Keep yourself happy and healthy by shaking your body whenever you are down. By turning on some of your favorite music, allow yourself to forget all your stress and worries and dance. Dancing can boost your self-esteem and improve your posture.

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