Problems with Teenage Dating

Teenagers face stress or experience peer pressure almost everyday. They are not only undergoing unnerving biological changes, but also a stage of “transition from childhood to adulthood”. And apart from all these, teenagers who date experience even more pressure and stress as they try to build a strong relationship in the middle of these changes. Here are some of the common problems with teenage dating.

Substance Abuse:

  • A recent study by Columbia University’s Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse has found that there is a link between substance abuse and teenage dating.
  • The study found that teens who spend 25 or more hours per week with a boyfriend or girlfriend tend to abuse drugs more.
  • The study has also found that teenage girls dating senior guys are more likely to abuse substances, smoke and try marijuana.

Teen Dating Violence:

  • According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), teenage dating violence takes various forms.
  • Physical abuse includes kicking, hitting, shoving and other aggressive physical behaviors.
  • Sexual abuse includes compelling someone to engage in unwanted sexual activities against his/her will.
  • Emotional abuse involves bullying, verbal abuse, isolating, intentionally embarrassing and humiliating a partner.
  • According to the CDC , every year 10% of students in America report of verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse from their dating partners.
  • The CDC highly recommends educating teenagers about the dangers and risks of teenage dating violence by guiding them to participate in some prevention programs like the school-based program “Safe Dates.”
  • Victimized teens can also directly contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for advice and help.

Risky Sexual Behavior:

  • Teenage dating can lead to many unsafe or unwanted sexual acts, which cause many health problems or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Potential sexual transmitted diseases risks include chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea and human papillomavirus.
  • Many health dangers and risks can be prevented by using condoms, which also reduce unwanted pregnancies.

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