What to Wear on Your First Date?

First impressions matter, so don’t overwhelm your date on the first date. Avoid looking too vampish, too trendy or seeming too casual on your first date. Dress simply and stylishly, rather than sexily.

Don’t underestimate the beauty of classic well-fitting jeans, a white shirt, or a fitting cashmere sweater and sassy skirt. Avoid using too much of makeup and perfume. Think simple and subtle. Follow these simple tips if you are wondering what to wear on your first date to project a good impression of yourself.

Vanesa Hudgen

Show your Romantic Side:

To reveal your romantic side, it’s not always necessary to wear ruffles from head to toe. A hint of your feminine sensuousness is enough. Pair up soft, cute tops with well-fitting pants or skirts. You can either wear a long, flowing skirt or short skirt, but make sure that it is not too short. Pink suits almost all skin tones, and it is considered as the ultimate color of romance.

Skip the Sleaze:

Girls, you don’t have to reveal your body to show your sexy side on your first date. By dressing like Lil’ Kim, you can grab the attention of your date, however you probably won’t hold his interest and affection for long. So, instead try dressing in peek-a-boo styles that leave something to the imagination. Wear sheer tops over your cute tank or a crocheted sweater paired with a slit skirt.

Miley Cyrus

Be Comfortable:

You don’t have to hold your breath by wearing tight jeans and tight tops to show your beautiful body. If body-hugging style is your thing, opt for something which is perfectly fitting or a bit of stretch. Stilettos may look perfect and stylish, but if it’s too high heels, you may feel uncomfortable. So, you can try a sandal which laces at the ankle or leg-lengthening wedges for added foot appeal.

Reveal the Real you:

Last, but not least, always remember that if a girl next door is not really you, don’t pretend. It’s better to show the real of you. Dress according to your personality, and let your date love you for who you are.

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