Date Ideas for Teenagers

Many young boys and girls may find it very difficult and awkward to interact with the opposite sex initially, especially when they like that particular person. It takes a lot of effort and courage to ask someone out on a date. Even when the other person has accepted, the pressure to plan for a great date can become even harder. A further problem is that teenage dating may not be approved of by their families in some societies. How can a teen ensure that they have great, fun date, in spite of all these internal complexes or other external problems? Read through to learn some fun date ideas for teens.

A City Tour:

Taking a city tour together is a fun date idea for teens. If you don’t have any idea where to go or what to do on your date, try visiting some interesting places where you live, such as parks, museums, historical places, etc. This will certainly give you enough time to get to know each other properly.

Movie Date:

A movie date is a great idea for teenagers who are looking to have fun. It can’t go wrong if you choose the right movie. When choosing the movie, don’t forget to consider your date’s choice or interest. The good thing about this movie date is that there will be no pressure to make conversation but you will still be enjoying each other’s company and watching the movie together.

Sporty Dates

Most teenagers love activities like roller skating, ice skating and bowling, etc. If your date enjoys being active, you can plan for sporty dates and have fun together. Sporty dates don’t mean only constant physical activity; you can go for a coffee or ice-cream afterward and try to get to know each other better.

A Dinner or Lunch:

Going either for a lunch or dinner is one of the most common date plans for both teens and adults. This is probably the best idea if you love talking or interacting with each other. You’ll find ample time to talk each other without dealing with too many distractions. Don’t forget to consider the interests and choice of your date as well.

An Adventure:

This is probably the most exciting yet inexpensive date idea for teens: to go bike riding or hiking. You can plan this adventure just within your city. To add more fun, you can even pack some good homemade food and fruit juices and bring them along. When you stop to rest you can surprise your date with the food and drinks you brought and enjoy them while sitting under the shade of a tree.

A Get-Together:

This may not exactly sound like a date but it is a great way to know the person you are interested in if you do not have the courage to ask him or her out. Plan a party at home and invite your peers and friends. To make the party more interesting and fun, you can play group games that will make everyone have to get up and have fun and be themselves.

Nature Dates:

If both you and your date enjoy or appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, what about setting your date in the midst of beautiful nature? Enjoying nature doesn’t only mean going to the forest or mountain hiking. You can set your date on a beautiful beach and enjoy watching the waves, sun and sand.

If you know of a nearby mountain, try going to the top to take in the view while enjoying each other’s company. Or you can go to a lake or ocean park and try a boat ride together. You’ll definitely have a great date. Nature dates are interesting, enjoyable and can indeed promise a wonderful date.

Lastly, don’t feel burdened to please your date always. Teenage dates are meant to be a fun time spent with someone you like where you can enjoy each other’s company. Take it light, be yourself and just enjoy the flow.

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