Sex Essentials for Teens

The mere thought of sex or physical intimacy can be overwhelming for teenagers. There are many things to worry about and many things that can go wrong. Knowing the facts about sex and understanding what sex is and what it is not will help adolescents to avoid the many dangers and risks associated with sex. Here are some of the important things every teenager should know about sex.

What Sex Is?

  • Sex is not only about a physical relationship. It’s both emotional and physical in nature.
  • Some risks associated with sex are that you can contract a sexually transmitted disease, get pregnant, have your ego bruised, have your heart broken and feel ashamed of yourself when it is over.
  • You only get one chance to lose your virginity.
  • Ensure that the time is right for both your partner and you.
  • Sex when you’re a teenager should never be taken lightly.
  • Sex should be an expression of caring and affection between two people.

What Sex is NOT?

  • Sex is not a good way to make someone love you or commit to you.
  • It is not to test your partner or your affection to your partner.
  • It is not a measure of how grown up or mature you are.
  • It is not a good way to assert your independence or “get back” at your parents.
  • It is not a leisure activity.
  • It is not always enjoyable, pleasurable or fun.
  • Don’t forget that if the reason for having sex is wrong, it will definitely hurt you.

Being Sexually Active:

  • There are certain things you need to understand about the sexual act itself if you are a sexually active person.
  • Many people worry about whether they are doing it right or wrong but there are many more important things to worry about.
  • The truth is that there is no actual wrong or right way to have sex.
  • One of the most important things to consider when it comes to sex, which people often don’t do, is the LAW.
  • Today people rarely think about what constitutes consensual sex. There are certainly laws surrounding when or at what age one can start having sex.

Facts About Sex Teens Should Know:

  • Birth control is a necessity for teenagers. No birth control is 100% effective aside from abstinence so it is best for teens not to have sex at all.
  • Using a condom is the only form of birth control that helps avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. This is a must have for safe sex even if you are using some other form of birth control.
  • Sexual transmitted diseases that include AIDS and HIV can still be transmitted orally. Oral sex is also a part of sex. A barrier method such as dental dam or a condom should be used for oral sex as well.
  • Understand that having sex under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxication could be charged as illegal sex. If your partner is threatening or pressurizing you to have sex, or if your partner is below the age of consent laws, such cases could be considered rape.
  • Even if you use protection, you can still catch STDs or get pregnant the very first time you have sex. There is always a risk.
  • STD protection and birth control should be used correctly to be effective. Doubled up condoms and missed pills are the common misuse of contraceptives, which can result in STD transmission and pregnancy.

The Sex Checklist:

Following are some of the important factors you need to have if you are ready to have sex.

  • A legal consent to sex and a willing partner.
  • Proper and effective use of birth control.
  • Both male and female condom for STD protection.
  • Realistic expectations of having sex and what it really means to you.
  • A safe and comfortable place to have sex.
  • Mature understanding that sex has both physical and emotional consequences.
  • Trust and respect between your partner and you.

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