Five Friendship Rules to Live By

A true friendship is like a miracle which dwells within the heart forever. However, being friends for life “through thick and thin” is certainly not easy. If you are looking for ways to make your friendships stronger and deeper, read the following friendship tips for teens.

Be Yourself:

  • “Be yourself” may sound meaningless or like a “no-brainer.” However most teens try hard not to lose their personal identity when they are in a group of friends.
  • Although your identity keeps changing, especially during the teenage years, there are certain aspects of your personality which will remain the same throughout your life.
  • It’s always better to present yourself genuinely and honestly to your friends and other people you hang around.
  • If you pretend to be someone else and can’t keep the act going, the people you thought were your friends might leave you or worse, make fun of you.
  • You may not fit into the popular group but you need to feel good about the fact that you are always true to yourself.

Avoid Gossip:

  • If you want to make your friendship stronger, always remember that friends don’t spread lies behind their friends back.
  • If you have heard something shocking or bad about your friends, don’t spread rumors about it. You can still find a considerate way to talk to your friend personally about the rumors.
  • Even if the rumors are true, you don’t have to spread them more. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Defend Your Friends:

  • There may be times when others question the integrity of your friends. In this case, it’s important to analyze the story from both sides and stand up for your friends.
  • This is also a great opportunity to reveal your faithfulness toward your friends as well.
  • Be respectful and considerate of other people’s opinions but tell them your friend is a good person and deserves respect as well.

Protect Your Friends:

  • If you find your friend is making the wrong decision about anything, whether it is about dating, studying, alcohol or drugs, be sure to try to guide them in the correct direction.
  • Don’t tell your friend what to do or what not to do constantly. Instead offer guidance and advice from time to time to keep them making good decisions.
  • Your friend is more likely to listen to you if you offer advice or guidance in a caring and gentle way which shows you respect their feelings and value the friendship.

Be Careful About Girlfriends and Boyfriends:

  • A wise rule of thumb in true friendship is to avoid dating your friend’s ex.
  • It’s always better to stay away from dating your friend’s crush and people who have declined your friend for dates.
  • It’s good to be considerate about your friend’s feeling and wait until your friends has moved on from the past, even if your friend is giving you the green signal to go ahead.

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