Teenage Gift Ideas – Latest Gift Trends for Teens

Teen gift ideas may require a little extra effort these days. It is important to do a little research about the latest teen trends if you want to give the best gift to a teenage son or daughter or to teenage friends.

It can be quite difficult to come up with good gift ideas for tweens and teens. They are in between life stages and are starting to form very strong opinions about their likes and dislikes. Therefore they are often very specific about what they don’t like and what they want. If you are planning a gift for your teenage friends or children here are a few gift ideas.

Top Fashion Trends for Teens:

The teenage years are the time when young boys and girls want to keep up with fashion trends or fit into the latest fashion designs. This can make it difficult to come up with great gift ideas for teenagers. Moreover, they are often very choosy and particular about their coveted personal items. It’s a good idea to check out the latest teen fashion trends and technology before you buy gifts for young adolescents.

Best Gifts for Teen Girls:

  • Curling Iron
  • Hair Flowers
  • Perfume
  • Bumpits
  • Body Wash Set
  • Body Spray Set
  • Flat Iron
  • MP3 Player
  • Mall Gift Card
  • CD player
  • iPod
  • CDs
  • iPod deck
  • Diary
  • Star-bucks Gift Card
  • Clothes (latest trend)
  • Concert Tickets

Best Gifts for Teen Boys:

  • Favorite Sport’s Team Collectables
  • Xbox game
  • Wallet
  • Sport’s Team Tickets
  • Hat
  • Concert Tickets
  • Guitar
  • Ball-cap
  • CD player
  • CDs
  • PlayStation Game
  • MP3 Player
  • Wii Game
  • iPod
  • Rock Band game
  • Camera
  • DS
  • Clothes(again the latest trend)
  • Camcorder

Best Gift Ideas for Tweens:
This is another very critical stage for buying gifts. Tweens are also called as pre-teens. They are not really into kids toys anymore and not yet ready for teenage clothing and gadgets, so it’s not always easy to come up with perfect gift ideas for tweens. Following are some of the latest gift ideas for pre-teens or tweens.
Best Gifts for Tweens:
Clothes can be a great gift idea for teen girls, especially pre-teens girls, for they are just starting to get into the latest styles and brands.

Hair Accessories:
Hair accessories are another good gift idea for young girls. Hair flowers, bumpits, fancy hair clips or hair bands are perfect for stylish pre-teen girls.

Wallets or Purses:
These are favorite possessions for pre-teen girls because they now have a place to put all their important items that make them feel more grown up.

A Good Quality Wallet:
This is a great gift idea for tween boys so they can start to feel more adult and put together.

A ball cap or trendy hat can be a good choice for both pre-teen boys and girls.

CDs or CD player:
If they’re still into hard media, these can be for both boys and girls.

MP3 Player and iPod
For both boys and girls who are passionate about music but want a more modern way of listening to it, this is a good choice.

Cell Phone:
When buying a cell phone, remember that they are very particular about their likes and dislikes, so try to find out his or her desired gadget before purchasing any kind of phone.

This is a great gift idea for both tween boys and girls. This is a perfect way for them to capture visual memories of important moments in their lives.

The teenage years are when young girls love to scribble down their feelings, so a nice diary, maybe even one with a lock, would be ideal.

Tweens or pre-teens start forming their own interests in their favorite musicians and celebrities. Posters of their favorite celebrities or musicians can be a good gift idea for both tween boys and girls.

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