How to Say No to Drinking

For a teenager, staying sober or saying NO to alcohol at a party may be quite difficult because of the immense amount of peer pressure among teens. Not drinking when you’re underage is the best choice to avoid breaking the law but your friends might not always accept that as a viable reason. Here are some suggestions on how to say NO to underage drinking.

  • Tell your friends that you’ll stay sober before you even go to the party. You’re more likely to stand by your word if you’ve voiced your intentions beforehand.
  • If you have a driver’s license, offer to be the designated driver. This way you have a socially acceptable excuse for not drinking. Moreover, your friends will owe you one.
  • Say you need to go somewhere after the party if your friends try to hand you a drink. This excuse will work better if you show up wearing dressier clothing.
  • Carry around a cup of water, soda or other cold drink. People will think that you are drinking alcohol and refrain from offering you further drinks.
  • If others keep telling you to drink something alcoholic, say you are having enough fun even without getting drunk. Your real friends will understand and accept your decision.
  • Leave the party if you are still uncomfortable or if others keep bothering you. People who cannot party without forcing everyone around them to drink are not worth partying with.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking drinkers are better than you. One of the main reasons why people at parties want to drink is because they feel insecure about themselves.
  • Heavy party drinkers want everyone around them to drink because they don’t want anyone to notice their inappropriate behavior when they’ve been drinking.
  • You may think that you are the only person who is not drinking at the party but that is rarely if ever true.
  • Some people are smart enough to be comfortable with the fact that they are not drinking. These people should be your party soul-mates. Try to find those people and stick with them and you will certainly have a great party.

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