Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a very serious cause for concern in today’s society. The reason is that young girls are not prepared to have their own baby and they often seek alternatives to keeping the baby such as abortion and adoption. It is far better for girls to abstain from sex altogether but if they are going to have sex they need to use condoms and other birth control to prevent pregnancy. There are far too many girls who get pregnant during their teenage years. The effects of teenage pregnancy are long-lasting and intense. Read through and learn some of the common effects of teenage pregnancy.

Physical Changes:

  • Young girls are unprepared for the physical changes pregnancy causes.
  • The uterus enlarges and the hormonal balance changes as the baby develops which plays havoc with their moods.
  • Drastic physical and emotional changes are difficult for a young girl to handle.
  • She may not be able to take part in sports and other extra-curricular activities.
  • She needs to change her lifestyle to include more nutrients and vitamins in her diet and get more sleep.

Emotional Effects:

  • Most teen girls who get pregnant usually become panicked and scared. Confusion about making the right decision for her child and for herself, fear about giving birth and resentment or anger toward the child’s father will all cause her a great deal of stress and tension.
  • On top of this, the hormonal changes taking place in her body during pregnancy may result in an unhealthy and erratic emotional state.
  • There can be frustration that she cannot participate in games and other activities like her friends can.
  • Fear of her parents’ reaction.

Long-Lasting Effects:

  • The rate of pregnant teen girls graduating from college is very low.
  • Pregnant girls usually can’t handle attending school physically and emotionally. They will often be preoccupied with their thoughts of giving birth and taking care of the child.
  • Many girls leave high school or college because of embarrassment. As a result, pregnant teenage girls have a lower chance of being financially secure and stable and will therefore find it difficult to provide for their child.

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