Fashion Accessories for Teen Girls

The teenage period is the most crucial phase in everybody’s life. Teenage is the time when young boys and girls are most conscious about their physical appearances and often worry about mingling with different groups of people.

Vanessa Hudgens This is the time when teens are not only worried about their looks, but also try to project a good impression to be accepted and liked by various groups of people.  Teens love to wear the latest fashion trends and try their best to fit in; read through to learn some useful fashion accessory tips for teen girls. Follow these fashion fundamentals to make you stand out from the crowd.

Ways to Accessorize your Outfits:

Teen fashion is all about following their favorite superstars, celebrities, and experimenting with different ways to appear like their favorite icons. Prep styles, hip-hop, gothic and emo fashion have made a big hit with teen fashion. Chunky accessories play the most important feature in teen fashion. Accessories can help you spice up your simple outfit, which is more than enough to draw everyone’s attention. Here are a few tips to help you accessorize your outfit and jazz up your high-school life.


Good Old Bracelets:

I’m sure… no girl can forego the charms and beauty of chunky, stylish bracelets which can go with almost any outfit. We can say that teen fashion accessories are incomplete without including some cute bracelets.

  • Bracelets go well with blue or black denims, and you can find a range from the chunky to the delicate types.
  • If you wish to achieve a bohemian look, go for the colorful and chunky bracelets. For the party look or other formal occasions, you can opt for those simple delicate bracelets.
  • Jewelries or accessories made of coco beads and shells can also look great with any kind of outfit.

Oversized Sunglasses

Cool Shades:

  • Some of the most stylish and important fashion accessories which will never go out of style are cool sunglasses.
  • Apart from giving you that “stylish look”, sunglasses will also help you protect your eyes from the harsh environment.
  • Over-sized glasses are in this season, so go for those over-sized styles sported by Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez. These are very haute items and cool.
  • Look for some unusual shades and tints such as glares in cool blue or a hint of pink.
  • Girls with lots of confidence may wish to get that sophisticated look by opting for white frames, which is very much in Vogue!!!


Fashionable necklaces:

  • A classic white top can be embellished with a cute necklace.
  • Long chains look great with plain attire, whereas chokers look best with off-shoulder tops or V-necked tops.
  • Long necklaces also look fabulous when paired with long skirts. Long beaded chains and stylish necklaces can certainly jazz up your simple outfit. Be sure that you grab one whenever you find a well-designed necklace and chain.

Trendy Earrings

Trendy Earrings:

  • A single stud or bling earrings, whatever the size may be, trendy earrings are a must fashion accessory for every teen girl.
  • Look for some unique styles like glittery shimmer pieces, shell earrings, hand painted earrings or even simple danglers with unusual design.
  • Buy different sizes and styles of earrings and change according to the outfits and occasions.


Hip Tattoos:

  • Body modifications like tattooing and body piercing can be the best way to express your personal style statement.
  • Tattoos have been around for many years; however it is  a favorite with many young boys and girls today.
  • If you don’t like the idea of a needle going into your skin, you can opt for temporary stick-on tattoos which you can wear according to the occasions or events to suit your mood.
  • Tattoos also come in various designs and sizes with loads of shimmer and glitter, from which you can choose.

Zany Bags and Belts:

  • Yes, funky belts and zany bags are very important fashion accessories for teen girls. Your bag and belt can tell a lot about your fashion sense.
  • A stylish bag can carry all your required college or school gear and will make you look cool. So, if you don’t have any snazzy bag, grab it right now.
  • A large, funky belt looks best when paired with a classy white long tunic, whereas the glittering and shimmer belts should be left for the party or girls’ night out.
  • Don’t hesitate to go in for bling accessories. Flashy look and unique fashion sense is especially meant for teens.

These are some fashion accessory essentials for stylish teen girls. The list of teen fashion accessories can be never-ending. The best part of being a teen is experimenting with different looks and getting to wear various kinds of outfits without really bothering about other issues. So, don’t hesitate to try out different things and make the best of your teenage years.

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