Teenage Girls’ Summer Fashion

With the warm weather, teens see an opportunity to renew their wardrobes and flaunt their trendier side with colors and designs.

Bright sunshine, fresh breeze, beautiful blossoms and everything colorful make it easy to feel great in your clothes. From solid colors to flowery prints, this summer is the season to experiment different colors and styles.
There are certain cuts and colors that work much better during summer season and sticking to these particular shades and designs along with some trendy accessories will help you look even more gorgeous and make you stand out from the crowd this summer.
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The Classic White Shirt:

This crisp look can never go wrong.. The classic white t-shirt simply looks stunningly fresh, especially when paired with denim blue jeans Check out for different, unique cuts and patterns in length and neckline You can go for a long tunic styles and team it with printed leggings or opt for a body hugging stretch that move with your curves.

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Floral Dresses:

A floral dress on a hot summer day is never a mistake. The summer season is the perfect time to pull out mid-thigh length or knee-length outfits from your closet. This summer, go for solid and bold colors such as green, mauve, pink and red and floral patterns. Shorter dresses can also be paired with jeans or leggings.

There are many styles of floral dresses to choose from, including the baby doll dress, a stylish wrap dress, classic a-line cut or halter dress. However, don’t forget that comfort is the key factor for this summer’s fashion trends and looking fresh throughout the day

Comfy Drawstring Pants

Comfy Drawstring Pants:

For both adults and teens, a pair of good jeans has always been the basic essential wardrobe. However, sometimes jeans may not be that comfortable for a long period of time. So, don’t hesitate to grab a nice, comfy drawstring pants for this summer. It is a great choice for teens who always love breathable fabrics. Pair these trousers with stylish tops to bring out a cool and fresh effect on a hot day, especially great for traveling, walking the dog and time at the beach

Basic Shorts

Basic Shorts:

One go-to pair of shorts in a color like fire hydrant red or electric blue is a must for this hot summer season. Wearing cute shorts paired with a chic blouse, t-shirt or any elegant top are a sure way to draw everyone’s attention in a hot day. Jazz up the outfit with many funky bracelets and chains and you’ll be set all summer long.

Get sporty:

Get naughty, sporty and funky this summer with chi tank tops and light jackets.  Experiment with different styles and go gaga over bright colors.  . Cute t-shirts with goofy messages will help you add more zest and express your attitude. Complete the look with comfy and bold sneakers.

Trendy Leggings

Trendy Leggings:

Although leggings have been in fashion for many years, they are still in Vogue. If you are planning to put away your leggings with your winter dresses, have a second thought. Leggings are a great way to beat the summer heat in style. From solid to prints colors, embellishments to lace, leggings will help you rock today’s fashion world and your daily life.

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