Top Four Ways to Reduce Teen Smoking

Teen smoking and using tobacco continues to be the growing cause of concern among various countries, including the U.S. Although the rate of teen smoking shows is reducing or at least stalling in some reports, continued efforts should be directed to ensure that this problem is eradicated completely.

Studies reveal that, more than 50% of adults that smoke today start smoking in their teen years. However, there are several effective actions which can be taken to reduce teen smoking.

Get Teens Involved in Activities such as Sports, Music or Clubs

  • Studies show that adolescents end up using tobacco or experimenting with alcohol out of sheer boredom. When teens are idle and bored, they need to fill up idle moments with something. Community leaders, parents and teachers can come together and create competitive games, sporting tournaments or musical contests to avoid idleness amongst teens.
  • Chances are teens may start turning away from smoking or other bad habits in an attempt to stay fit and healthy for the games and activities.
  • Being active and involved teaches teens other important skills such as teamwork, responsibility and hard work, all of will help them choose activities that enhance their character instead of smoking.

Host Tobacco Education Workshops:

  • Proper planned workshops on the subject may also be effective for reducing teen smoking. Many teens take their health for granted and do not know the effects of smoking on their health.
  • Educating teenagers about the various effects of using tobacco can help them resist the temptation to smoke and the information will circulate to many other young people as well.
  • Many teens have been mislead by other people and advertisements about the effects of cigarettes and chewing tobacco to not think they are as detrimental as they are.
  • Discussions should include teen smoking statistics, how smoking or using of tobacco can lead to various diseases like cardiovascular ailments, hypertensions and cancer, practical discussion on how to say no to the pressure to smoke.
  • Invite a survivor from any smoking related diseases to give his/her life testimony.

Monitor Local Convenience Stores:

  • Today you’ll find many local grocery stores provide teens access to cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
  • Conduct undercover surveillance of every grocery store in your community to ensure that tobacco products are not accessible to underage kids. Involve other groups from your community and law enforcement agencies in this effort.
  • Send a petition to the store owners and a complaint form to ask them to be stricter about checking IDs.

Increases Tobacco Tax:

  • This action may involve working together with policy makers in your community, state or city.
  • Tobacco tax is widely used and advocated by the World Health Organization to reduce tobacco consumption.
  • When the price of tobacco perks up, users, especially teenagers, are discouraged or unable to use tobacco because of the money problem.

These methods may not completely control teen tobacco usage or smoking. However, if these methods are employed properly and consistently, effective results in reducing teens smoking will show

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