How to Turn Down a Date

DateA From time to time, everyone comes across someone they would not like to go out on a date with, for whatever reason. Learning how to turn down an invitation or a date politely is a useful skill. Declining a date or an invitation without hurting the other person’s feelings can be a delicate tactic. So, if you not interested in going on a date with that particular person but you don’t want to hurt his/her feelings, here are a few tips to turn them down gracefully.

Be Honest:

  • First, before you decline a date, thank the person politely and tell the reason why you can’t go out with him/her.
  • There is nothing wrong with telling the person honestly that you are not interested. But, that doesn’t mean you have to tell the person you don’t want to go out because he/she is too ugly for you.
  • Don’t give the person any hint of accepting next time, when that is not your intent.

Be Friendly:

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  • You don’t have to be rude or hostile when declining a date just because you are not interested in him/her.
  • You should be happy that many people like you. So, tell the person nicely that you are not interested with a smile while being polite.
  • Tell the person you are happy being with him/her as a friend but not more than that.

Keep Things Private:

  • No guy or girl wants to be insulted and rejected. So, keep the story just between you and the person. Don’t spread the news to your friends or others.
  • If you are with group of people, you can talk the person later or tell the person when not so many people are around.
  • Turning down someone in front of many friends or classmates can be very embarrassing and hurtful, especially for teenagers.

Consider Accepting:

  • Consider accepting instead, before turning him/her down gracefully, provided you are not dating someone else.
  • Nothing wrong or harm in going for a platonic date. What harm could be there in going out for a dinner or movie with someone and getting to know each other better?
  • However, if you are not ready for further romantic relationship, make your feelings very clear. Don’t give the person the wrong impression and hurt him/her later.

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