5 Easy Flirting Tips

No one is born knowing how to flirt. Flirting is like an art or language which you need to practice or learn to be good at it. Know the limits, flirt at the right time and to the right person. If you are wondering how to flirt, here are a few simple flirting tips.

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Choose your Targets:

In order to flirt, it is not always necessary to have a crush. Just practice flirting with your friends or random people you meet every day. Don’t forget to draw your limits. This way, you can learn some flirting skills and can easily win the heart of the one you like.

Have an Opening Line:

To start flirting, first you need to find the right topic or reason to approach them. For instance, come up with some questions related to your school assignments if the person is your classmate. Be ready and spontaneous to respond when the person answers.

Make Eye Contact:

Keep eye contact when talking to the person. You will look uninterested and boring if you cannot make good eye contact which certainly not your goal. If you are a shy person and cannot look right in the eyes, here’s a trick for you. Just look at the bridge of the nose, this will make you look like you making an eye contact.

Start with a Compliment:

Find out one thing you like about the person be it his/her outfit, smile or hair. Everybody wants to be appreciated so try to make the person happy by giving a good, genuine compliment. This will make the person feel good and make them more comfortable you.


When I say smile always, that doesn’t mean you have to be the Bozo the Clown. You just need to be cheerful and put a smile on your face whenever it makes sense. This will make the person feel that you are enjoying their company. If the person shoots back the smile, chances are he/she is also enjoying talking to you.

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