How to Ask Your Parents for a Raise in Your Allowance

How do you ask your parents for an increase in your monthly allowance?  Life is expensive, from money to go to the movies or putting gas in the car- it can add up fast! Here are a few tips on how to approach your parents for a modest increase in your allowance.

Do some research

  • Before you talk to your parents about your allowance, you need to analyze your expenses.
  • How much do you spend each week or how much you require towards your shopping, hanging out with friends or for going dates, etc.
  • Then, you need to question yourself how you are spending your allowance, whether you are using your money wisely or simply wasting it on frivolous things.
  • Be fully prepared to answers when your parents ask you about these questions.

Come up with a sales pitch

  • After analyzing your expenses, if you find a valid reason to increase your allowance, make a note of it.
  • Also, write down some pieces of evidence or proof that you need more money. Are you skipping your lunch or snacks at school because you don’t have much money?
  • Or, are you saving your money to buy something really important like books or clothes.
  • If you explain all your problems properly, your parents are more likely to accept your request.

Don’t sound too Desperate

  • Your goal is to convince your parents and not to fight so be sure to have a discussion with your parents without complaining or getting annoyed while being respectful.
  • If you complain or whine, your parents will be less likely to increase your allowance even if your needs are genuine. The more polite, thankful and positive you are, the more your parents may listen to you.

Be willing to pitch in

  • If you want your parents to increase your allowance, you may want/ need to offer to run a few more errands or to do some extra chores for your parents.
  • If their expectations or demands are within reason, you should be happy and thank your parents for the opportunity.

Come up with a few alternatives

  • Try to be little spontaneous and come up with other reasonable alternatives if your parents are not ready to increase your monthly allowances.
  • Think for other alternatives like are there some household chores they would be willing to pay you for like shoveling snow or weeding the garden?

Don’t forget to thank them

  • Always remember to thank your parents, whether they raise your monthly allowances or not.
  • Again, the more polite and responsible you are, the more likely your parents will increase your allowance the next time, even if you didn’t get an increase this time.

Other Useful Tips

  • Avoid arguments with your parents by comparing your friends’ allowances. This will make you seem immature and jealous, or that you are asking for the wrong reasons.
  • Make your parents understand your needs by specifying the right reason. The more valid reasons you give, the more likely your parents may increase your allowance.
  • School related expenses or requirements like rising cost in bus fares, books, etc. are probably the best reason for asking a raise.
  • Don’t ask your parents impulsively. Remember that sometimes your parents may like to increase allowance but due to some financial problems they cannot give you a bit more money at that time. So, in that case, wait for some time to pass and reproach them.

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