Tips to Get Along With Your Parents

Does it feel like your parents and you cannot see eye to eye? You feel as if you are constantly fighting with your parents about your life and you can never agree. Does it make you feel low and irritated always? Check out the following tips to help you get along with your parents and find some peace.

  • Take some time out and to think things through; what are the reasons that your parents and you fight or argue about most of the time, and make a list of all the reasons.
  • Figure out what it is that makes you get so angry or upset all the time. Are you upset that your parents don’t listen to you, don’t understand your point of view or give you the attention you need?
  • Come up with a fair compromise for both you and your parents. A resolution that your parents can accept which you can live with.
  • Please note that that a compromise doesn’t always mean you get your own way, but to reach an agreement that both you and your parents are amenable moving forward.
  • After that, set up a particular time to discuss or talk to your parents. Don’t simply bring up this topic over dinner or when your parents are busy.
  • You need to approach your parents for the actual appointment and make them understand your points and proposal while staying calm.
  • Don’t forget to carry your notes when you are going to talk with your parents, so that you can keep on track if your emotions get high.
  • You can also even consider reading out your notes to your parents. This approach may help you remember everything you wanted to say and not get side tracked.
  • Calm yourself before your meeting.  Make yourself very clear that you will not get angry or raise your voice no matter what.
  • When you have presented what you want to tell, take another deep breath. Don’t forget to give time to your parents to speak while you listen carefully to what they say.
  • Hold back your anger or frustration if you don’t agree what your parents are saying. Keep your mind and ears open and answer them after they finish talking.
  • Avoid growing frustrated or shutting down. Avoid jumping in or interrupting when you parents are saying something. Just try to explain what the problem you are facing is and how it is disturbing you.
  • Even if your parents disagree with your proposal, avoid getting emotional, showing anger and don’t forget to thank them for giving you time to talk to them. If you want, you can express your disappointment in a humble way.  Remember to be respectful and calm.
  • Be thankful and assure your parents that you’ll try your best to not disappoint them if they accept your proposal.
  • Make sure that you listen your parents and do what they want you to do, whatever the outcome may be. By listening and respecting your parents’ wishes, you can build a better relationship and gain trust from your parents over time.
  • If your parents don’t agree with your proposal, don’t sulk. Just go to your room, listen to music or write your thoughts in a journal.
  • Think what you can do to build a better relationship with your parents.

And remember, above all else, you should always respect your parents. Understand that you are learning or trying to become more independent as a teenager, and this can be the main reason why there is always friction between you and your parents. Try to adjust and listen to your parents, this problem will gradually fade away from your life as you grow older.

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