How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Linsay Lohan Biting your nails is a very bad habit which is difficult to quit. It can reflect your inability to deal stressful situations or extreme nervousness. You are more likely to start biting nails whenever you are tensed and stress out.  People who have a problem biting their nails should avoid unnecessary stress in their life. Read on and learn some useful tips on how to stop nails biting and promote beautiful, strong nail growth.

Confront your Problem:

  • Take a picture of your bitten, ugly fingernails through your mobile camera or a camera.
  • Then, examine your fingernails and figure out the problems with your nails.
  • Now, visualize yourself with long, shapely nails and imagine how beautiful they will look. Or, imagine yourself how dirty and ugly they look when compared to your friends nails.

Start with just One Nail to Protect at a time:

  • Pick one of your fingernails and try to avoid biting that particular nail. After a while, it’ll grow and flourish a beautiful nail.
  • Promise yourself that you will stop biting nails. If you cannot control or have to bite, leave that particular nail alone.
  • Once your protected nail become long, start protecting another nail.

Eat Magnesium and Calcium:

  • Eat foods rich in magnesium and calcium which will help to repair your bitten nails and promote healthy nail growth.
  • These foods will not only give you healthy nails, but are also good for your overall health.
  • Moreover, you are more likely to start biting nails when your body doesn’t have enough magnesium and calcium required by the body.

Bitten Nails

Push your Cuticles Back:

  • Most nail-biters don’t have moons on their fingernails and don’t push back their cuticles.
  • Once you start protecting your nails, you can slightly push back the cuticles to show more of your nails.
  • You can do this when your nails or hands are wet, like right after you shower.
  • This will make your nails look longer, give better shape and more attractive, which can be a good motivation to stop biting your nails.

Find Another Good Habit:

  • To distract your urge to bite nails, find another habit so that you can do that instead.
  • It can be anything, but should not be another bad habit.
  • You can also use Bitrex which is a chemical that can be painted on and around your fingernails and tastes gross.


Distract your Mouth:

  • Try to keep your mouth busy at all times to distract yourself.
  • Keep chewing gums or carrot sticks handy for whenever you get the urge to bite your nails.

Distract your Hands by Taking Up a Hobby:

  • Take up a new interesting hobby to distract your hands such as crocheting or knitting, running or other sports.
  • You should also keep your hands active or busy at times when you often start biting nails like when watching TV, reading, sitting in class, etc.

Lady Gaga

Conceal your Nails:

  • Girls can try wearing artificial nails to avoid biting nails. Guys can polish their nails and apply some petroleum jelly or growth/shine promoter.
  • You are less likely to bite when your nails are looking good.
  • You can also try wearing gloves when you have the urge to bite your nails.
  • Carry clippers or nail cutter with you, so that if you notice any surplus growth you can cut it off with clippers.

Last but not the least, be proud and flaunt your improved, beautiful nails. Get praise and much-needed encouragement from your friends. This will motivate you to protect your nails and keep them looking nice.

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