70 Ways to Feel Happier

HappinessS Stress is a huge problem for most everyone in today’s busy world but why?  Life is a battlefield and our life depends upon on how we deal it, stress or not. As Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor said, “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts”, you can make your life happier by changing your perception. Here, we listed top 70 ways to feel happier, if you cannot follow all these ways, try at least ten ways and you’ll certainly see the difference in your life.


  1. Go for a leisurely walk and spend at least 20-25 minutes in fresh air every day.
  2. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily.
  3. Spend a few minutes dreaming, meditating and listening to soft music every day.
  4. Socialize and mingle with people of all ages. Doing this will add interest and brightness to your life.
  5. Sit in a calm place and spend some time alone daily.
  6. Find something different to break up your day a bit like playing games, doing crossword puzzles, playing ball, etc.
  7. Go to a party, dance or club and make new friends.
  8. Implement these three important E’s in to your life, Empathy, Enthusiasm and Energy.
  9. Drink plenty of water.
  10. Visit the movies, exhibitions, concerts, etc., and become part of society.
  11. Make your passion your career and then you can enjoy your work and life.
  12. Stay healthy.
  13. Stop worrying.
  14. Count your blessings.
  15. Participate in community events.
  16. Be thankful.
  17. Set goals.
  18. Volunteer for charity work.
  19. Forgive yourself.
  20. Believe in yourself.
  21. Help to those in need.
  22. Celebrate others’ success.
  23. Avoid unnecessary stress in your life.
  24. Be patient.
  25. Accept criticism and improve yourself.
  26. Compliment others.
  27. Read comics and jokes.
  28. Have a hobby.
  29. Learn something new every day.
  30. Smile.
  31. Make someone else happy.
  32. Watch comedies or cartoons and laugh as much as possible.
  33. Surround yourself with positive people.
  34. Get a pet.
  35. Respect yourself and others.
  36. Just be yourself.
  37. Learn to forgive others.
  38. Build up your confidence level and self esteem.
  39. Focus on others, not on yourself always.
  40. Be honest to yourself, and then automatically you will be honest to others.
  41. Forget about the past and enjoy the present.
  42. Pamper yourself from time to time. Indulge yourself with an aromatherapy bath or get a pedicure.
  43. Learn to appreciate natural beauty and enjoy the outdoors.
  44. Save money.
  45. Buy a gift for yourself from time to time, like flowers, chocolates or clothes.
  46. Avoid negative friends as much as possible in your life.
  47. Be polite and assertive when you say something.  Say NO, and stick to your word.
  48. Empower yourself by repeating daily affirmations.
  49. Have faith.
  50. Take some breaks from whatever you are doing, either studying or working.
  51. Get rid of hatred, life is too short.
  52. Don’t try to cover up your sadness or misery by working hard.
  53. Don’t just jump up from your bed when you get up in the morning. Instead, lie down for a few minutes and dream. This will make you feel good the whole day.
  54. Become the center of attraction of your friends by entertaining them. You’ll feel good and have more fun in your life.
  55. Read more books..
  56. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch daily.
  57. Try to smile when you feel low and sad.  It will improve your mood.
  58. Feel lonely? Talk to your parents or to your close friends. Spend more time together with those people who care for you.
  59. Never say you cannot, never say die, trust yourself and keep trying.
  60. Learn to laugh or make fun of your own mistakes.
  61. Never compare your life or yourself to others; you don’t know what others are going through in their life.
  62. You just have only one life, so do things which you enjoy.
  63. Set up a proper timing for each and every thing. Define feasible targets or tasks and achieve them.
  64. Envy or jealousy is useless in life. Leave them and learn to appreciate others.
  65. Give presents to your friends or family.  You will feel good and you may also get the same in return.
  66. Start a journal. Write anything you want, whether good or bad.
  67. Clean your house or your room, you’ll feel happier when you sit in a clean environment.
  68. Avoid energy suckers and drama queens, you know how they are.
  69. Stop procrastinating and do something good.
  70. Congratulate yourself when you achieve something.

Remember you can’t buy happiness. No one is in charge of your happiness, except you. Stay happy!!!!

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